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Presents, Captain Cook and nice hats.

Apologies for the lack of updates… But I must admit nothing of any real interest has been happening of late. A lot of sitting at my computer working, and staring at my maps table thinking that I really should practice my tidal vectors.

I’ve also been spreadsheeting and pondering about the impossibility of it all… It seems I can work to make the money I need, but will not have spent sufficient time practicing, and may invariably end up killing myself along the way. Or, I can spend time practicing and not be able to buy the equipment to bring Constellation up to true ocean going ability, therefore letting Constellation become another ‘dream boat’ sitting on poles… I’m sure every prospective sailor has found themselves in exactly the same position, and as far as I can tell, there is not a lot you can do, except work hard and plan well… I’m trying.

I’ve noticed a pattern in these posts – First it is the dismal and the dreary ‘poor me, boating is so hard’ rubbish, and then comes the good news. Well, who would I be if I didn’t have a pattern? So, the good news is, Peter, another Australian who is stuck in Europe (metaphorically of course :), sent me a really really nice postcard:

That’s Captain James Cook – I hear he’s a pretty good sailor, and might know a thing or two about tidal vectors. So Peter from Oxford sent me this postcard to wish me luck, and I guess also to warn me not to pick fights with Hawaiin’s.

Peter from Oxford wasn’t the only metaphorically stuck Australian who sent me presents this week though – He also wasn’t the only one named Peter with a kind heart! Pete & Jade from London sent some cash my way, so I could eat fresh vegetables (limes of course) this month, and keep up the good fight to paddle off this continent back down to Paradise Island. They just got married, which means Pete is also broke and may have had to forego Vegemite and Fosters rations for the next 12 months. Thanks Pete & Jade, you guys are really generous.

So, with the excitement of presents still stuck in my mind, I must get back to work, stoke the coal fire, drink a lime on the rocks and search eBay for a hat like Cook’s.


Organising July Launch, Sailing is Expensive(!) & More Presents!

I’ve just received the invoice for hard standing on Constellation since purchase, which comes in at ?Ǭ760. So, until that’s paid, my boat isn’t going anywhere… Ouch! That is only up until January, so another bill of a similar value will be due again in July, plus launch fees.

Note to prospective sailors with large dreams: From the money I’ve spent so far, I could have purchased eight around the world tickets from Australia. So, picture yourself working at an hourly rate of roughly double that of someone ‘pulling beers’ in a London pub, with the task of having to buy eight around the world tickets in six months…Plus living expenses. And then imagine you have to do it all again to pay for everything else! I’m not playing the ‘poor me’ game on this one, just putting things in perspective. Don’t let perspective ruin your dreams though, a certain amount of blind madness is what makes the world go round.

But, on the topic at hand, Constellation will launch in July or end of June, at which point she’ll be sailed to Germany for more work and sailing practice. I am considering two dates: The 28th of June, which is a Thursday, or alternatively July 2nd which is a Monday. I am having a Yanmar mechanic survey the engine, since it’s been out of commission for over a year, so dates depend on mechanic availability also. I will stand there pestering him with questions to no end in order to get my money’s worth!

Tudor, who is doing the hard yards on restoring a real boat (those nice ones made out of wood) has kindly sent me two books for further reading. Keep up to date on his progress at Roach’s Adventures. He’s is looking at a May launch, which with any luck I will be able to attend. I don’t know anything about launching, so I imagine I’ll just stand next to him, looking at his terrified face as the boat is plunged into the water. Maybe I can make him a cup of tea or something. Thanks Tudor!

Updates are going to be a bit slow over the next while, as my primary concern is purely work and little to do with boating at all. If you haven’t already, consider going on the mailing list which sends out a note every time a new post is made. I promise not to sell your email address*


*Unless offers are made over and above ?Ǭ760, in cash 🙂