Atlantic Podcast Day 3

Currently I am at sea, somewhere in the Atlantic – Below is another podcast update sent in via satellite phone! Please don’t forget I am trying to raise funds to build bridges in Cambodia – More information is available on my Fundraising page.

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If you are running iTunes or similar, you can subscribe the Bridge over the Atlantic podcast here for automated updates. Accompanying each update is my latest position, visible on the Position page. If you have some spare time and feel like transcribing this update as a comment, I’d be most appreciative – Thanks, and I’ll be back online in the Caribbean!



  1. Hey this is Nick calling from the Atlantic Ocean. errm
    My Positision is in decimal elevation ????long-.18.181
    Didnt end up leaving till the 28th of March so this my…. third day lets say the conditions are ok, they were a
    bit hairy last night, just running under gib at the moment at 5 knots errm other than that its ok, seasick so errm done nothing other than lay in my bunk than that its ok Im a ?
    havent really eaten much? i hope that the seasick subside by tommorrow other than that its really just a big ocean out there and i hope Im doing ok for now. you should be able to see my position on the positions page.
    cant say much else for now will call back in 3 or 4 days

  2. Rita

    Hey Nick!

    You do sound sea-sick hope that you gradually get your sea-legs. The position page shows you still have such a long distance to cover. Full on.

    All I am worried about at the moment is the comedy festival which compared to sailing across the atlantic solo seems rather silly. Although too much comedy can be hard to deal with.

    The show is going well though – halfway through the run now.

    Keep pushing on and eat dry biscuits if you have them, they always help me get over motion sickness (and I used to be sick every morning on the way to school on the bus).


  3. Nick –

    Great to hear you’re underway at last, even if you aren’t sounding so great, necessarily. 🙂

    At any rate, you should be past the seasickness by now, and just loving life under sail. Lots and lots of people are, like me, sailing “along with you”, and we all look forward to hearing more as this leg of your journey progresses.

    Kudos! Fair winds to you, and have fun!


  4. Konstantin

    My God you do sound a bit sick!
    Try to look at the horizon so that your brain can fix on something that is not moving. I am proud of you, mate! You have really made and now you are crossing the big atlantic ocean. Well there is still another big one to come but I the atlantic ocean is a good start.
    Promise not to listen to the Klabautermann if he appears. it is all just in your head.
    Continue what you are doing. It sounds really good!
    Greetings from Berlin

  5. Kiwi

    Hi Nick,
    Haven’t reached the end of the journey yet as I can’t seem to find the podcasts anywhere, so will have to skip the Atlantic. Stumbled across your site the other day and have been reading each of your blog posts- Id love to do something similar and am seriously toying with the idea (once i find out the essentials from your guinea pig run.
    Anyway to get ahold of the podcasts at all?


    • Nick

      Tim, I’ve updated them as downloadable MP3s for you! Cheers, Nick

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