Atlantic Podcast Day 10

Currently I am at sea, somewhere in the Atlantic – Below is another podcast update sent in via satellite phone! Please don’t forget I am trying to raise funds to build bridges in Cambodia – More information is available on my Fundraising page.

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If you are running iTunes or similar, you can subscribe the Bridge over the Atlantic podcast here for automated updates. Accompanying each update is my latest position, visible on the Position page. If you have some spare time and feel like transcribing this update as a comment, I’d be most appreciative – Thanks, and I’ll be back online in the Caribbean!



  1. Hello Nick !
    Nice to ear you are doing alright ….

    Don’t worry about the time it will take you enjoy your crossing… 😉

    Like a friend make me realize one day. We live on our boat, so being at sea or being at anchor what’s really the difference … just enjoy your time 😉 Personally after long passage, I always strangely found regret when i see the land again … because it mean this nice time and being one with the boat and nature will be ended soon …

    Take care … And have great fun !
    Nice to ear from you !


  2. Taylor

    pls. fwd to nick
    hey nick, I have been planning a trip somewhat similar to you. Your website has been a great resource to me. I am currently looking at a J.J. Taylor contessa 26 and was wondering how you feel about the boat so far. Like you I am young,and will be out of college in a month, I don’t think the cramped living spaces will bother me to much but would love to hear your input on the boat.

    Fair Winds,Taylor

  3. Penokee

    pls. fwd to Nick
    Hello Nick, I’ve been following your blog and your journey. Isn’t it funny how when you’re at sea you can’t wait to make landfall; then you can’t wait to get to sea again 😀 I hope the tradewinds find you soon. The fish you caught sounds like it might have been a tuna. Was it a classic “fish” shape, like the Christian fish line drawing/symbol? By that I mean a pointed nose, kind of almond-shaped body, not too plump but not flat either, and a kind of a boomerang tail? You’re already doing way better than I ever did at fishing on passage 😀 Fair winds.

  4. crusty

    patience grasshopper. imagine being a big fat log of a boat sitting there. at least you move with each impetuous puff! sounds like a yellow tail snapper if you got it in still water..tuna won’t bite unless you’re making 6 knots. rich says you’ll soon be barelling along; get ready for a five second gunnell to gunell snap for the next couple of weeks. love hearing your voice, little red boat in a big, blue sea.

  5. Ben

    Hey Dude,

    You are doing well. Even my novice boating skills and a bit of google can see that your direction is fine. You are still 23c. away from the equator. Enjoy the headspace, and go, go, go.

    Greets from Innsbruck. – Beno

  6. Penokee

    You’re right, Crusty, I bet it was a snapper. Sheesh, I’ve obviously been off the water for too long! IF I remember correctly, most snappers have a little bit of a “cro-magnon” slope to the front of their heads, for an extra clue.

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