Short film – Sailing Across the Atlantic Alone

Here is a 16minute film I put together from footage I took across the Atlantic. Note: There is swearing at the beginning.

Special thanks to Jack for the camera, and to Tracy for letting me use her computer for editing!

Fundraising party writeup and trip update/announcement in my next post!



  1. Lombers


    Great video, a rare insight into how difficult it really is.

    The #ozoc crew wish you all the best, you truly are one crazy mofo ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. BiB

    Got to say I agree with the commenter above! Crazy mofo indeed. But such a great adventure, and, as a total wuss, I am full of admiration for you and what you’ve done. You also come across as a thoroughly decent and good bloke. Wishing you all the best for whatever the next stage of your adventure is.

  3. Giselle

    Dear Nick, it is really fantastic to see some fragments of your amazing journey. Iยดm glad you are still alive and doing well. Good luck for the rest of your trip!
    Best regards from Berlin, where the autumn started already (rain/cold/autumnleaves…)

  4. Robert Finlayson

    Amazing footage! An inspiring film that shows courage and determination can overcome adversity. We all look forward to the next instalment and the challenges that lay ahead.

  5. Jen

    Intense, insane but wonderful! The footage shows your adventure needs no explanations. It now not only sounds fantastic but looks it too. =)

  6. crusty

    loved the film! constellation is a loyal boat, so happy barrelling along.
    were you scooping the bilge into the sink?

  7. jeez. here goes the memories… thanks for sharing this incredible adventure! thinking back to all those lonely nights out there and the stars and a chart that gets bigger by the day. excellent work, mate. rock on! see you in the Carribean…

  8. thanks so much everyone for the kind comments, i really appreciate it.

    @crusty – i think it was far less dramatic than dumping the bilge into the sink – if i remember correctly, my stash of potatoes mixed in with a bunch of clothes, and were on the floor getting wet from a leak overhead ๐Ÿ™‚

    @annabanana – i don’t think i’ll be in the caribbean anytime soon! but, stranger things have happened on this voyage ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Mary

    Wish you would give me your mother’s e-mail or give her mine. My son leaves to circumnavigate “alone” in November. I am not certian I will live throught it. How does your mother handle this? I wish you the best!

  10. Hi Nick,
    I have just completed an enthralling three nights reading all your archives!! Mate, I bow down to your determination, passion, and seamanship. I particularly commend you on your courage for following your dreams, even it all seams impossible.
    I have longed for the ocean voyage for many years, but other mountains always seam to need to be climbed first. YOU are the man!!
    Here in Melbourne (Mt Evelyn) each month seams like the last as we each try to make a life (or a living?) 29 Days across the atlantic, a little less to New York. Just think – in each of those months you achieved far great than I, or most of us, have in the last five years.
    You seam to take it in your stride. It’s just another passage. But even amongst passionate sailors what you have achieved is totally outstanding. You have my greatest respect and encouragement.

  11. @mary – Are you serious? I guess I could if you were ๐Ÿ™‚

    @mark – Thank you so much for the kind comments, I really appreciate it and hope we can have a drink when I get back to Melbourne. I’m not sure if I’m the man, or if what I’m doing is any greater than anything else, but I’m quite sure you’ve done many things I’d look at the same way. Thank you again.

  12. Chris

    Great video! Is a boat like that expensive? Looks like a great adventure but the cost may be steep. Well done! Chris

  13. Zgudger

    Excellent job…and to my surprise a Contessa 26! I am looking at the 32 and hope to retire and follow your lead accross the Atlantic- and maybe more sailing adventure beyond. Enjoyed your video and placed it on my facebook. D. Gudger

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