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Thanks so much to everyone who read my last post and call for help – As you can see from the above numbers, things are going well. But, the deadline to get those bar graphs up to 100% is the end of this month! If you haven’t already, please read this post and help me get across the Pacific!

So, other than working on Constellation (many great things are happening onboard – I’ll write another entire post dedicated to that… ), I’ve been hanging out with Stephane… ! Stephane and I tried to meet in New Jersey, as I arrived from the Caribbean, and he departed for Europe… Unfortunately, we were about a week apart! He has come back to work and continue his voyage… It was fun talking with him… Comparing notes… Laughing at having the same superstitions and similar experiences aboard our little Contessa’s.

Stephane has now gone back up to Canada for work, and so I’m again left to my own devices, preparing Constellation with all the great people I’ve met here in Greenport.

I’m going to miss this place… A lot.

Stephane & Nick, Greenport, Long Island

Stephane & Joshua IV

Snow, Constellation

Greenport, Long Island

Long Island Sound

Stephane, Greenport, Long Island

More photos here…




    Nice photos Nick! Cheers to the Pacific! 😉

  2. crusty

    funny guy.
    wonder if stuff rusts under snow?
    i’ll do the mapia thing.
    interesting those flirty contessas lure the youth into madcap adventures more often than any other hull..

  3. @crusty i guess it would rust… i shoveled it all off though.

    you’re right… these little contessa’s have a special allure … i guess it’s a combination of knowing other people have done similar voyages on them, and also the fact that they’re about the only boat that’s ‘affordable’ … there is a large community behind them too, so it’s easy to find answers to questions. they’re not perfect though… but pretty damn close for what they are 😉

    a book on the subject would be wonderful…

  4. Nice pics! The last time we saw Stephane was in sunny Bahamas, sweating in the sun.
    We’ve signed up with bluemapia, good luck getting it all together.
    MAybe we’ll see you in Texas? We’ll be in Corpus Christi/Rockport somewhere, on the hard, from mid March until the summer.
    Henrik and Nina in Contessa 26 BIKA

  5. Jen

    Hey nick, quick comment to wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Hoping you have plenty people to celebrate it with.
    Let’s keep the thought together, of sunny weather and remember the good parts for sailing, to keep us going through the never-ending tedious work that has to be done in the winter, well now spring; so why hasn’t the weather improved?! :O
    Sending my thoughts of helping through the ether to help with the work on the boat. HaHa!


  6. crusty

    saw the twitter about peter mello. what a lovely guy, fascinating and kind. his blog will bring you a better class of followers than us scruffies too haha!
    also saw your frustration about august. pleeze. take him or leave him but get over trusting him.
    work on developing a more zenny patience and a craftyness for every puff of sail power.
    can’t wait for the x country adventure!
    sorry to have missed your birthday.

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