Nick went west, Constellation never left

I have a lot to write about, but little internet access, and little motivation to post… Jack and I flew to Denver, and drove across country as planned, and now I’m here in California, living on a friends boat near Berkeley. I’m being messed about with my boat transporter (Constellation is still in New York), and if this continues, the entire project is in genuine jeopardy. Some photos of our roadtrip to tide things over…

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I’m in love with the American landscape. As if I wasn’t already.



  1. Giselle

    Hey Nick, were you in the Grand Canyon? 🙂
    Hope everything will work out with your boat!
    I wish you all the best!
    Greetings from Berlin,

  2. Jen

    Alle werden gut sein! … schließlich.

    Best wishes for a tough time =)

  3. carlos

    hey you could have sailed there in this time and saved a bit of money!

  4. curtis


    what are they saying about the boat? why the delays? it cant be weather now. i sure hope you can continue. i am waiting and watching for your next video from the pacific. take care and have patience.
    sail safe

  5. crusty

    hang in there mate!
    you’ve been in tight spots before.
    there are always options.
    let me know if i can be of any assistance.
    worse to worse you can return and sail south all the wiser.
    i once hitchiked from oregon to ny, took me 4 days..
    sending positive vibes 🙂

  6. japhy

    Just back from Leigh Creek, and am hoping to see a new post soon that says “on the move” .Boats move faster on the Todd River in Alice, come on semi !

  7. Aspen

    Hey Nick,

    Random question: how much did it cost you to get your standing rigging replaced, and what sizes did you use? I’m looking at getting mine done this summer, also on a Co26.

    Appreciate any insight,


  8. Nick, I hope things start to go more according to plan. When your boat arrives, take the time to get her ready and make sure she is safe before you set sail. We will miss you.

  9. Hilary

    If you’re in California, Bay Area, you should take the time to drive up to Tahoe. You certainly won’t regret it. In addition many sail boats on the lake a locals are SUPER friendly!

  10. jen

    Hey Nick,

    Just read the twitters comments and seen the pictures. May I perhaps expressed my annoyance at the way long keelers sit on trailers…. you always have patches, or like me, you take one whole day to paint under that section…. Not the greatest design eh? However Constellations is looking as marvellous as ever and raring to go for the journey ahead.

    Best of Luck for the Pacfic. Hope it is a blast!


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