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It’s been awhile since I last updated… Thank you so much for all the friendly and encouraging comments on the end of this long voyage… I don’t really know what to do with this blog. I do get a lot of traffic and interest here, and sometimes I wonder whether I should just keep musing… You know, about sailing things, deep sea adventures, knots and bilges. Or whether this site should just stay around as an archive. What do you think?

It’s hard re-adjusting to life on land. The constant drama and adventure of sailing is in the past… It isn’t gone forever, but things are certainly different. So what’s been happening in the aftermath? I seem to have lost some inclination to write, but things are definitely active, post-sailing. Firstly, I’d like to introduce the work of Jack Rath, who has been following me around the planet with a camera. Following is a 6minute trailer of the film he has been shooting on my travels for the last four years. It’s a very strange feeling having a film made about oneself… The film is called ‘Between Home’ & the project website is, if you’d like to keep up to date with its progress.

The film isn’t my only news… The adventure will always continue in one way or another. Please say hello to my new sailing boat ‘Harmony’ –

More photos here

She’s a perfect 32ft long, and has all the wonderful attributes of a solid and trustworthy sailing vessel, much like my dear old friend Constellation… As to where we shall venture – Unlike my last voyage, future sailing will be just as ambitious, yet less prone to deadlines, and specific goals. I have new work commitments involving a freshly formed company with a great friend here in Melbourne, so I’m 100% focused on that at the moment & for the foreseeable future – Yet the very fact of knowing Harmony exists keeps my sense of adventure and connection to the sea alive. The type of sailing I performed with Constellation was to give up everything and concentrate on one single goal for several years – This worked for me at the time, but I plan for my future sailing endeavours to work a little differently. Harmony also resides many thousands of miles away, and I have to thank my friends Adam, Captain Ted and Rob for helping me make the purchase from Australia. Thank you also to Zack the former owner, for being patient and helpful through such a faraway sale.

For those interested in keeping up to date on the goings on of the adventures of Harmony, please click on the drawing of her on A new website will be announced there when the time is right.



  1. david

    now thats one fine looking vessel, congrats 🙂

    looks like an Aries 32.

  2. Please keep this page alive. For me this page is about you and your sailing. It is not about Constellation or any particular voyage.

    No need to start new project, and let this domain get rotten in some museum.
    No need to make it inconvenient for us to follow you in future.


  3. Carolina

    I have been following you and constellation all this time, was a very nice story and really helped me before my Atlantic crossing.
    Congratulations Nick for all the things you done.. I wish you all the best with your new boat 🙂
    Hello Harmony!!

  4. Hey Nick! The new video is awesome! Jack’s got great work, can’t wait to see when the Between Home project is done! Harmony is such a beautiful vessel. Is it waiting for you at the Half Moon Bay with Adam, et al? New journeys and new adventures await, how exciting!
    PS. About that picture of you in a black suit without shoes (Between Home), I’m guessing it’s at the airstrip on the desolate and mystic Palmyra Atoll, your first stop from Hawaii?

  5. Lee

    I love it. A website called Silent Unrest driven by the adventures on a boat called Harmony. Good luck on the new ventures Nick. I”ll be curious to see how long you stay settled before the gypsy bone drives you to wonder again. Trailer looks great.


  6. crusty

    wow, love the teaser, i can’t wait to see the film.
    what is the song the girl sings?
    knock me down with a feather, new boat/same go-for-it nick! 😉

  7. Andy R

    I’ve followed your travels for several years now and I always wondered why you didn’t quit halfway through. I could be misreading the situation buy it just seemed like you were fed up with the whole thing by the time you got up to New York, (remember Eddie the eddy?)

    But you got through the whole thing, whatever it was that drove you, and now you’re home, probably sitting there grumbling about the idiots who want you to get up and do it all over just when you’re finally done.

    Anyway, you have more patience than me my main man. I’d have thrown in the towel and scuttled the boat outside of NY harbor, jumped on a water taxi to the nearest, seediest bar, and waited for the next flight to Melbourne while explaining to everyone how unfortunate it is that a dead head log sunk the ship after cracking the port side hull…

    So yeah. What was my point? Well I guess it’s just that it was entertaining to watch you, although sometimes I wished you’d had a better time out there. Maybe lived the fun a little more.

    Good luck bud…

  8. Hi Nick,
    Just discovered your site. Great stuff. I’ve got my own boat and dream. If you check my website you’ll see…. well, a lot of bird photos. But go to the bottom and look on the right. There’s my baby. I’ve got a plan and am now working in Korea, teaching, to make the money to outfit the boat.

    “S/V Lady Brassey” is now snug and warm on the West coast of Vancouver island. Meanwhile I am gathering info on the boat, sailing, places to see, …. and thanks again for your site. Nice boat you’ve got there. When I was shopping around, I looked and an Airies 32 and a Roughwater 33 myself, same boat basically. But mine, a Pearson 365 came up and she was a good deal.

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