Voyaging (2019)

Pacific Northwest -> New Zealand via Chile in a heavy displacement William Atkin designed ketch.


Dirt bike adventure, Europe (2017)

(postponed in 2016 due to family illness) – Another overland project featuring a clapped out Yamaha TT350 from eBay, with an offroad route through North Africa.


Winter surf trip (2015)

This is an overland project, involving the conversion of an old diesel Hilux to run 80% pure vegetable oil, with further modifications in the tray including a homemade sleeping platform and storage area. A voyage from Melbourne across the snowy high country, into the hinterlands of northern New South Wales and deep south to the west coast of Tasmania, seeking surf and snow. July, 2015.


San Francisco to Sydney (2013)

My friend Chris and I sailed SV Harmony from San Francisco to Sydney, via the Marquesas (French Polynesia), Suwarrow (Cook Islands), and American Samoa. Totaling 84 days, we hauled across the South Pacific as fast as our little 32 foot boat would take us. Sustaining near sinkings, broken rudders, and snapped booms, we soldiered on with repairs made from jungle bamboo and borrowed tools. Details and posts within the blog.


Palau to Darwin (2010)

An old friend found a great opportunity to purchase one of the most legendary small ocean cruising boats of all time: The Westsail 32. Positioned in the remote island of Palau, we took two trips to see SV Asylum, a vessel already sailed singlehanded from Hilo, in Hawaii. The first trip was to inspect the boat, and the second was to make the purchase, prepare, and sail nonstop through the islands of Indonesia and back to Darwin, Australia. A long, successful, and eventful trip transpired! [read more]


Europe to Australia (2006 – 2009)

To dream is to subvert the world. To dream and act is to create the world. With no money, little sailing experience, an enormous amount of work and generosity, this was a singlehanded voyage from the UK via Holland to Sydney aboard a 1972 Contessa 26. Over many years, many miles, disasters, love, and loss, this voyage became a reality, and also later, a feature length documentary, by filmmaker Jack Rath. [read more]. My deepest thanks to all who supported and sponsored my dream.


  1. Paul Thornton

    hey dude…. been following your adventures,,, inspired me to purchase a boat and hope to circumnavigate the world as well alone… now whatever happened to the chick in your movie…. anyway… cool your going sailing again… sucks it always takes money to make it work…

  2. J Han

    Ahoy Nick! I was wondering after all your travels and adventures what would be your ideal boat that you would choose for circumnavigation and live aboard? Looking forward to seeing what your next adventure brings.


    J Han

    • Ahoy! This question is too hard to answer really… I mean… For how many people? What’s the budget? My ultimate solo liveaboard boat for circumnavigating would be an aluminium, beachable lifting keel cutter in the 34-36ft range.

      Otherwise something like an Ingrid 38, or anything from Pacific Seacraft – also the Westsail 32 makes a nice but small solo / go anywhere liveaboard.

  3. Paul Smith

    I’ve only just found your video of your Europe to Oz trip i paid for the download and i really enjoyed it.
    I’m a bit behind the times but catching up on your adventures lol.

  4. Daniel Waddicor

    Hey Nick,

    I’ve just bought your documentary after watching your youtube vids. Amazing stuff. Really inspiring, and I’m already looking at taking up sailing. Good luck with your future endeavours

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