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From 2006 to 2009 I sailed across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans solo in a 26ft boat. This adventure was the subject of a feature length film called Between Home, made by German/Australian filmmaker Jack Rath.

Other adventures since then have included sailing voyages from Palau to Darwin and San Francisco to Sydney. Stories from these voyages are littered throughout this blog which has been updated since 2006.

In 2015 I worked on a handful of drone (UAV) related projects, including a large-scale project for Holden & the Vice Creators project where I led the drone team (making of documentary here). I also shot & edited a Weet-bix ad for Youtube.

I enjoy entrepreneurship, and am the co-founder of Serversaurus and Electron Workshop. These two businesses are where I spend the majority of my time.

I also enjoy product design and working with industrial materials, and began making gear for surfing, camping and other activities via HuonCo. See Soft Goods.

I studied Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts, graduating in 2005, majoring in photography. My interest lies in large format photography, installation & video art.

In 2014 I spoke on my sailing and other projects at DO Lectures Australia:

Nick Jaffe – A Different Way of Doing Things from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.

If you’d like to email me, I am nickjaffe at gmail dot com.


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  3. Graham Cox

    Just bought and watched Between Home.  I am a singlehanded sailor myself, currently in Cairns, Australia.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film and recommend it.  It may not have as much dramatic sailing footage as some might wish for but it is beautifully filmed and a fine piece of documentary work,  It captures Nick’s personal saga superbly – I felt really close to him at times, and also got a strong impression of the places and people he encountered.   Well done!  Fair winds. Aloha, Graham Cox, SV Arion.

  4. Jools Lowes

    Just enjoyed your video docu of your Atlantic crossing; I really enjoyed it.
    I found it inspirational as having crewed on yachts for years I took a chance and bought ‘Valkyrie’ a Sigma 38 a year ago. After some structural ‘repairs’, refitting and general refurbishment (still ongoing) on what is a well found yacht, as I approach partial/full time retirement, I am now thinking about some long trips.
    The trouble is having the crew with sufficient time to give (even in legs) as the yacht is not really set-up for short handed/solo sailing!
    However, we are getting there.

    Can I ask how much sailing had you done before the start of your Voyage from Holland?
    What drove you to do it?
    I am thinking about Thames to Ibiza in 2014, leaving her in the med for a couple of seasons, and then perhaps doing the Atlantic as it’s on my list of things to do before I croak!
    I am interested in your experiences and how well equiped you were for what the Atlantic threw at you.
    Jools (Julian Lowes)

  5. Andrea

    Hi Nick !

    How are you going ? And what are you up to ?

    I am watching the DVD all day today after haven´t watched it for some time now.

    When I remember how I met you first in Berlin to pick you up from the Berlin airport to go to the movie festival where this film got first presented. I still feel honoured to have actually met you personally !

    I hope you are well and life treats you the way you deserve it.

    Be in touch and always remember how much of encouragement you give and inspiration you still are for many !

    Bless you.

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