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  2. Thomas

    Hi Nick
    In cause, you lived any Years in Berlin, i´m sure, you speek german. Isnt it, please send me an info.
    So schreibe ich nun auf Deutsch weiter. Ich habe mirgestern nacht deinen Film runter geladen. Habe mich heute den ganzen Tag gefreut ihn abends anzusehen. Die ertsen 41 Minuten war ich begeistert, Grandiose Reise, genau mein Traum, aber ich bin, so wie du, auch immer pleite 🙂
    Leider stoppt der Film bei Minute 41:25. Egal was ich versuche und auf welchem Gerät ich ihn abspiele, es geht nicht weiter. Die Zeit läuft allerdings weiter und zeigt auch einen Gesamtspieldauer von 1:38:06 oder so an.
    Hast du ne Idee? Ist das schon öfter passiert? Kannst du mir den Film (Untertitel) noch mal zum downloaden zugänglich machen?

    Herzliche Grüße von der Ostsee und lebe deinen Traum.


  3. Michael Kraft

    Hey Nick,
    I just spent the morning reading through your AMA(and skimming through the many fap questions.. people really are bored!! Ha).

    I too bought my Ranger 29, Beverley, when I was 25 last december and have been living on it ever since in Morro Bay, CA. My plan is to keep fixing it up and learning how to handle her over the next 18 months and then set out for Australia. I’m studying winemaking at Cal Poly and plan to do the ‘harvest hop’, working in both hemispheres and sailing the thousands of miles in between.

    What resource would you recommend for studying ideal routes/seasonal conditions(wind, seas, etc.)?

    Also, you mentioned there not being many young sailors out there. This is verified repeatedly on other blogs. Much of our generation dwells in boredom and secretly yearns for adventure. How do we get them off their duffs?!?! I envision a whole fleet of young sailors like you and I sailing across the ocean, having the time of our lives.
    I will do it solo. But I see purpose in getting others to get out there as well. A blog is great, but some kind of organization, a guild of some sort to bring people to act on their dreams. I think inspiration has become something people merely loathe in for entertainment. They don’t know how to take it to the next step. Maybe that’s where we come it?

    Let me know what you think, and thanks for blogging your journey.

    Michael Kraft


    Dear Nick,
    I thought your trip in the Contessa 26 to Sydney was fantastic.
    I have a Contessa 26, and am hoping to do an atlantic crossing in her from the UK.

    I was hoping you might be able to give me an idea of the inventory that you had.
    Food, Equipment, navigational aides etc.

    Did you have a cooker?
    did you have a life raft?
    Did you generate electricity?
    And any other advice w/be most welcome.
    I have a son who lives in Brisbane and is married to an Aussie.

    Many thanks.


    • Hi Rob – Thanks – to answer your questions:

      1) Yes, I had the stock gas cooker which comes with a CO26. I’d recommend you get something with a gimbal if you don’t already.

      2) I had an old liferaft from 1989, serviced once.

      3) I generated electricity with two 40watt panels.

      I would recommend ensuring you have a good downwind setup, solid standing rigging, and that you leave sooner rather than later – the CO26 doesn’t need much to make this trip.

  5. Garth neil

    Nick, my names Garth and I’m a Shipwright in nsw. I’d like to pick your and Jessie brain if at all possible.
    My big topics as anyone looking for long distance sailing is food and water storage .
    Compass 28 is my weapon on choice.
    Did you have a desalination unit?
    And for food were you eating rehydrated food?
    How does one get in contact with Jessie?

  6. Tim

    Hey Nick,

    Good to see a post here and that you are still alive – congratulations on the purchase of what appears to be paradise in Tassie.

    Oddly enough, I’ll be dropping into Tassie for the first time at the end of the month, if you are remotely near Launceston or Hobart I’ll trade you a beer for some adventure stories.

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