How to help

The best way you can help, without actually spending anything is by pushing all your Google queries through my Firefox plugin. This costs you nothing, and also lets you keep up to date with my latest posts. So, if you will, follow on: The Firefox Search Plugin (Firefox Only) By unzipping this file into your 'searchplugins' directory of Firefox, a new option will appear in your built-in query box on the top right. On a Windows PC, usually the 'searchplugins' directory is located in C:\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins. Simply copy the two files contained in the zip file to this directory and restart Firefox.

Dropping the list of search engines down, a new engine titled Google [Bigoceans] will appear. By simply using this plugin, you donate a few cents to me every once and a while, without even noticing! The search plugin is simply an interface to Google Search.

Thanks so much for your help!