This post is just a brief exercise on sketching some costs involved, based on some of the items I have in the Stuff I Need section, which is not even near complete. Prices are in ?Ǭ£ pounds, because the boat is currently docked in the UK, and because it makes things look 'cheap' (until you do the currency conversion, and realise back in to AUD you multiply it by 2.5!). These prices are also all for *new* equipment. I should probably do another price column for secondhand. Much to be added and correctly sorted.

Item Rough Cost ?Ǭ£
Dry bags / assortment 100-200
Tiny EPIRB 277
Pocket Mini-DV camera and or lots of DV tapes 250-500
My dry-dock fees paid for. They are really expensive & I need to keep paying them while the boat is stored. This is a priority. Till April, 2007 1300
Inshore 150N Automatic Lifejacket with harness 50
Fuel canisters ?
Either Motorola sat phone + Datakit + Aerial 1500
Iridium Airtime, 150mins 300
Or Inmarsat BGAN sat broadband 1600
250watt+ inverter 260
Windvane ?
Solar panels (12v) x 2 280
Solar regulator 40
Wind generator (12v) 500
Replace NAV lights with LEDS 50-100
SD Memory cards 40
I need my life raft serviced ?
I need my sails serviced ?
Backup mainsail 650
Storm jib 400
Flare kit 200
Radar alarm ?
300-500 Litres Diesel 230
Food, to 150 days 300-400
Cruising Membership 200
Vaccinations / Insurance 200-300
Cooking propane 100
Fixed Garmin 152 GPS (already own handheld) 130
General rigging fixup 400
Official Survey 300
Interior changes/parts 200
Books & Charts 200-400

...Not including the boat.

Oh dear. I'm too scared to add it up.