Someone Insure Me

So, the fun begins with insurance companies. I have written to a number already, here is a compilation of responses so far: From (I thought it was amusing my boat wasn't worth enough to insure... I thought that would have been a good thing! Nay.)

Thank you for submitting your online enquiry.

Having regard to the age and relatively low value of your vessel together with intended cruising plans we regret to advise that Underwriters have declined to offer terms.

We are grateful for your interest in Admiral and are sorry that we are unable to assist you on this occasion.


Many thanks for your email.

Unfortunately, Underwriters will not cover this size vessel for the cruising areas that you have requested, even Third Party Liability only.


Many thanks for your yacht insurance application. I regret to advise that due to the vessel and the extensive cruising in which you will be partaking, our underwriters are not currently in a position to offer terms. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and I do hope we may be able to help you in the future. Many thanks and kind regards,

Fun, positive and hilllaaarious post next, I promise (to maintain self esteem!)

Soldier on.