Thank you to all those that 'dugg' my article and viewed my auction on eBay - Forty people 'dugg' the Digg Post, which unfortunately didn't make it to the frontpage, but still refers a decent amount of traffic nevertheless. The auction was viewed by exactly 650 people (is that an auspicious number?) and caught the attention of a possible major sponsor, and an upcoming magazine article! It's all top secret and unconfirmed, but still very exciting.

I have a feeling my small attempts at sponsorship on eBay probably could have been timed a little better... I learnt a lot from the whole PR thing however, for example: Don't time your auction when your country of origin is in a media storm over celebrity deaths... Little sailing boat ideas do not fare very well.

Due to a very gracious employer not paying me for work recieved, I am in a pickle and heading back to London to seek further work. I'm just testing to see whether moving countries twice in under six months starts to become an easier or harder task (not really, I just have no other choice...).

I fly out tomorrow for interviews on Wednesday, and will be sleeping on the boat for the rest of the week in quiet anticipation, to see if I actually land a job in such a short time. If the damn yacht was in the water, I think I would come very close to just vanishing at this stage!

While I may sound somewhat jovial about the whole thing, it's really quite a delicate situation I'm in. For starters, I had to go out and buy a suit. I have a theory that any job requiring you to change your clothes, should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, I also have a feeling London doesn't associate 'genius' with an old jeans and faded tshirt look... I think Tony Blair is attempting to harness Silicone Valley culture in the UK, but with him prancing around in a suit just like his fellow countrymen, I think he should lead by example - Someone email me when he starts wearing skivvies and jeans, and I'll imitate.

Dress sense and suit wearing jokes aside, fingers crossed something works out, otherwise the closest I'll be coming to sailing, is floating coffee cups in the sink and singing. So if anyone has a job out there for an unemployed EU national with a ridiculous dream, I'm your man. I'll even sing while I work.

I'll attempt to make some kind of update from the boat, as I sit in the cockpit dreaming for fare winds and pressure against the tiller, as "Constellation" rests on it's poles...

Till later,