Quick update, Launching early

I've been terribly busy lately, working and pondering what it is exactly I'm doing with this whole thing. I have been planning to launch Constellation in July for awhile now, however it seems kind of crazy, considering a week or so later I want to sail her to Kiel. What are the chances she's going to be up for that kind of journey a week after launch? Pretty slim. Not only that, but Tudor jokes that the only person who can launch on time is Noah and his famous ark. I don't claim to be Noah, and my boat is probably about the size of one of the horses he was carrying on board, but damned if I'm launching late. So I'm launching early. I need to work something out in the coming days before anything is final, but I'm organising a mooring as we speak. Thanks again to my kid brother who sent over a care package, consisting of enough cash to get a flight over to the boat, as well as a box full of red licorice and tootsie rolls. I'm now hyperactive on American candy.

I'll be launching the new site in a few days too, which includes recommendations from the folks at Searchenginejournal.com