Living Aboard

A very quick post on this horrible rainy day. I've finally made it down to the boat, and I have a good list of things to do before launch. Everything should go according to plan, however money is as always an issue. I'm working one day and two nights at a local pub to cover hard standing fees, food and my rent at home in Berlin, so it's nice to finally have a reliable income. I'm a terrible barman, I can never remember peoples drinks, and I constantly break the till. I have however only worked one night... Anyway, soldier on. I have nothing organised on the office-space front just yet, so I'm a bit nervous about that. I need somewhere to carry on my other work otherwise I'll be in more financial woes... Not to mention the fact I have to walk 5miles to the local library to check my email.

Constellation was full up with water again, but I have some fresh ideas on a self-draining cockpit to implement before launch. I'm not looking forward to drilling holes in the hull.

Other than that, life is fairly solitary. I have no elecricity or gas, and I sneak around the yard because I'm not technically supposed to be living aboard... But I am happy to finally be here doing something.

More when I can,