Working, Thanks!

Special thanks to Adrian at He's been kind enough to supply me with an emergency hull repair kit, for making repairs under water. It's a very kind gesture, but honestly, I hope I never, ever have to use it. Thanks Adrian! Also a big thanks to Sven Helemann of for making repairs to my site for IE6. I met Sven after a brief stint at Dropping Knowledge in Berlin, earlier this year.

I've been busy working on the boat since my last post - On the boat, at the pub, and in London. The weather has been horrific for boat work, but my prep for painting is coming along nicely. I was hoping to rebuild the rudder last weekend, but my teak source has been having trouble finding something to my required dimensions. I'm in London today on work, but hopefully tomorrow I'll find out more, and if I can't get any at mates rates (a few beers) then I will have to make the plunge and purchase retail like everybody else.

A friend at the boatyard helped me drill out a transom skin fitting for my drain improvisation, which was a horrible experience. There is something just not right about putting holes in your boat... We've done it properly, with brass fittings and a good quality valve switch, and I'll plumb the cockpit fittings when I can afford to.

I've also been making plans to build a completely waterproof cockpit door, so you can basically lock yourself in an entirely watertight cabin. Door boards are nice, but they are troublesome to shut up quickly, and while they will keep water out 95% of the time I think with my intentions I need something robust. I've also purchased two big stainless lifeline points to place in and around the boat which I can lock onto - One is for the cabin, and I've not yet decided where the second will go - I have jackstays, but maybe I'll wait until I've done some sailing before commiting to the drill for the second anchor point.

Some photos:

I've since finished sanding - But as you can see, I've been prop polishing too!

This is my view most mornings - Wet; the tarpoline heavy with water

Better photos coming, now that my Flickr account is alive again.