In Berlin, hatching a plan

I won't be beaten! I've taken a mitfaher (share ride) from Amsterdam to Berlin to pickup my sailing books, additional clothes and my long lost bank card, so I can withdraw what little money I have left. I realised last night that it's the first time I've slept in a real bed since the beginning of May, and the luxuries of a house are rather tempting; Many friends within walking distance, Internet, a nice place to sit, no overhead leaks and working stove you can cook on - But don't worry, I won't succumb to these 'contemporary pleasures', and return back to the boat on Thursday evening to continue the madness.

I've got a plan on the boil, and once I'm back in Amsterdam, it will be straight back to the gypsy canals to make some further repairs to the boat.

More info when I'm back, and a few more photos here.