Do I have to go around Cape Horn?

This is just a small post to clear up some confusion. In the February edition of the magazine 'Yachting Monthly', there is an article about my trip. In this article, my route has somehow been modified by the press to say I am going westabout around Cape Horn. While this would of course be a great, heroic idea, I really don't think me or the boat are up for rounding the most dangerous cape on the planet, in the wrong direction, against the prevailing winds and currents, in a 26ft boat built in 1972!

Of course, if someone wants to sponsor the rebuilding of my boat, before and after such an attempt, plus pay for helicopter/navy vessel rescue standby in Tierra del Fuego, sure, I'll give it a whirl, and attempt to live up to my new Cape Horn reputation!

Or maybe I should just keep quiet, and fake my positions around the cape, leaving the world to speculate on my madness and whereabouts? Wait a second...

I do really appreciate the article in YM though, it's very exciting for my little trip to be noticed by the printed medium. Welcome to any new readers!

Anyway, baby steps. First I'll figure out how to leave Lisbon before we talk more about The Horn.


P.S If anyone has a copy of the afermentioned Yachting Monthly, I'd love to see a scan! Thanks Arek!