Hanging around, Waiting...

It's been a long week in Gran Canaria. A long week indeed. I must pre-warn you, that this post isn't going to be particularly long or interesting. Just a brief note to say I'm still alive, and contrary to popular opinion, I do actually want to leave. It's also a note to say, I haven't given up at the gateway to my longest voyage to date. The reason I'm here, is because I have equipment coming in the post, and it hasn't arrived yet. There are a ton of people mailing me, saying "when are you leaving?", or "why haven't you left yet" etc... Talk about pressure! Last Sunday I started feeling a bit weird. My legs hurt a lot, and by evening I had a migraine. That night I had a fever, and those things all became worse right up until yesterday (Saturday). I think I just had a cold, but, I must admit, by the fourth day of sleeping poorly, and having a high fever, I was beginning to wonder if I had something worse. I stayed in my cabin the whole time, drinking only water, with no appetite. I didn't eat anything for four days, and felt dreadfully sorry for myself. Oh woe is me, sweating away in the dark, watching borrowed DVD's for days... Such classics as Cool Runnings, Dances with Wolves, Executive Decision. Thinking back, maybe it was my chosen films that were making things worse? If anyone is going to make you sick, surely its Kevin Costner... Then again, I did find myself chuckling away, nibbling on my sleeping bag like a child as John Candy encouraged his Jamaican bobsled team down the cavernous Canadian ice, in Cool Runnings. It's so damn hot here in Gran Canaria, I might watch that film again...

The minor fiasco over the new route I'd like to take has brought all sorts out of the woodwork. The closer I get to the US, the more email I'm receiving from the continent, and this recent idea has created a new burst. American hospitality is already turning its bells on - 99.99% of people are really excited by the idea, and are offering barns for any storage requirements, meals, beds, berths, parties and all sorts. It's a crazy world, and I can't wait to keep sailing so I can experience more of it.

Since I've had so little this past week to inspire a post of great significance, here are some other things about my trip by other people if you're interested: I forgot to mention on the main blog that there is a new article about my trip on TheOceans.net, visible here. There is also a small mention and following discussion about my site on the Messingaboutinships.com Podcast. Download the MP3 or subscribe to the podcast here. Thanks to the previous two publishers!

I really, really hope everything arrives soon - If my packages arrive early in the week, and there is good weather, it's possible I could be gone by the weekend... Fingers crossed.

As an aside, fellow aussie Rob, is also just trying to get home, and has had his method of transport stolen... Check out his story. We've made a pact to have a beer on home turf, when we eventually make it. Thanks for the link Ben!