Off to NYC, Fundraising, Oceanwatch

(Note: I am currently at sea, and there will be no blog posts until New York. Positions and messages will however be updated, and can be viewed on the new dedicated Latest Updates page, or from the homepage. You can now send me an SMS if you feel like it from the SMS page.)

Wow, after less than a month in the Antilles, I'm heading back into higher latitudes, to New York City! It's a long voyage, of 1552nm in a direct line from Antigua, which is over half my Atlantic crossing, a trip I seemingly just completed yesterday. With the fluky winds predicted, I expect it to also take nearly as long as my Atlantic voyage, at roughly 21 days. I'm carrying very limited diesel due to cost, so this leg will be under 99% pure sail.

Special thanks to my new American friends David and Tony - David has been 'rooting for me' (see, I'm American already!) in New York, making contacts and giving a lot of moral support. Tony has generously sponsored this part of my trip with Commanders Weather forecasting to keep me safe, and as of today the weather looks good, but rather light on the winds. Better too little wind than too much though, right? Thanks guys, see you soon!

As I have decided to skip Bermuda (unless directed that way due to bad weather or some other reason) and go non-stop, this meets the criteria for my fundraising efforts, which I vowed to attempt on all legs over 1000nm. On my Atlantic voyage I attempted to raise $675 to build bridges in Cambodia, however I was just $275 short of my target. I would like to resurrect that goal, and raise the remaining money on this part of my trip.

I would also like to raise awareness for Oceanswatch, an organisation that "in close co-operation with the world's yachting and diving communities, undertakes marine conservation projects and offers humanitarian aid to coastal communities in developing countries." I'd like to raise awareness for Oceanswatch for two reasons: Firstly, because it's a wonderful cause (that's fairly obvious), and secondly, because another historic Contessa 26 voyage is about to begin in the Atlantic Ocean by Stéphane Tremblay of Canada. From the beginning of his Peaceful Journey project, Stéphane has been supporting Oceanswatch, and I very much liked the idea of two Contessa's battling it out in the Atlantic to support such a wonderful cause together. I therefore urge you to take a look at the Oceanswatch website, and think about donating or becoming a member. Bon voyage Stéphane, safe (peaceful)journey, and see you in the Pacific!

That's it from us and the beautiful Caribbean!

Antigua Constellation, Antigua