Testing for remote blogging

Things are progressing well in Berkeley, and I'm hoping (weather depending) to depart for Hawaii next weekend - I've been getting a ton of help from my new west coast friends - Especially Captain Ted + Family, Adam + Kathy, and Bain - From driving me around to provision, to helping out with anything and everything when they can, but most of all, becoming good friends, who I will end up leaving - Like I do with all the wonderful people I meet: The worst part of all this traveling for sure. I'm hoping to have remote updates from my Pacific crossing, and this is a test post... I will write a more detailed blog before I depart, however I still have many things to organise, complete, and plan for.

My brother (ryanjaffe.com.au) is in Texas trying to get on his feet with the giant motorcycle he's inherited - If you're in the area, and have any contacts or just want to hear the funny Australian accent, I'm sure he'd be keen.