En route to the South Pacific

Just a very short post to say I'm 622nm away from Palmyra Atoll, having left Kaneohe Bay on the 17th of August (I think? Time eludes me). All is well, except, as can only be truly experienced on a Contessa 26, the worlds wettest sailing boat, everything is wet. Not quite everything, but brand new leaks have appeared on various deck fittings and otherwise, which I guess will be plugged in Palmyra. It was slow sailing the first three days, getting becalmd, and then not having any wind but a big swell - Needless to say, we bounced around, feeling miserable. The wind then picked up in the vicinity of 25-30kts, and only today really has the wind calmed to more pleasant trade wind strength.

I'm sorry the tracking map has stopped working... How annoying. I spent many hours revamping it for the Pacific, only to start receiving messages from people saying it was down. Hopefully the 'shore team' (umm... Marty...) will fix something up until I get online again. [Update: August 24. Fixed it! Marty.] My Twitter updates etc should still be hitting the frontpage everyday though... In the meantime, if you're a Google Earth fan, you should be able to download this to view my current track.

Ok, back to sailing!