New look, new forums

It's been a long time coming... A new website. And a slightly new direction. I've felt since finishing my voyage, I still wanted to write about sailing, what I was up to, and what I'll be doing in future - However, the old site was really about a particular voyage which has finished... Some readers said 'don't start a new blog, leave this one alone!' So I came up with a compromise... All those blog posts and stories are still here, it's just a new look, and a pairing down of sorts. The new site gives me the freedom to write about all manner of things related to sailing, and the ocean. It's also given me the ability to add a forum to the site, which I've wanted to do for a long time. Why a forum? Well, to be honest, if it wasn't for forums and the internet, I would not have been able to learn, get up to speed, and contact experts as I sailed Constellation half way around the world. The internet was absolutely fundamental to my trip, and it was a big part of why the voyage was a success. So, I've put together my own forum, and I really hope there will be an uptake to it. I'll jump into the forums each day, answer questions, and ask some of my own. I'll also be adding small articles and snippets of information from my log books and clippings.

In other news, Constellation has been purchased by Dave, who is based in Melbourne! So it seems, after everything, the world's most traveled Contessa across land and sea, will be hopping onto a trailer and heading south to Melbourne after all... Amazing.

It's also been a big week on the web - I launched ocean rower Roz Savage's new website too! Go check it out.

So as not to be forgotten, here is a screengrab of the 'old'!

I know not everyone will like the new version of this site, and I understand - But I hope you'll stick around anyway, because I promise there is going to be a ton of new and interesting content going up, including interviews, and more video.

Cheers! Nick