The Bristol library elevator is broken, I bought a harmonica.

I get a lot of emails from people saying 'cool trip, I'm doing my own... Xyz' ... Which is awesome. Some of them are more interesting than others, and some peter-out after just a few months - Reality, other commitments, and often finances bring the house of cards (dreams) down. But this one piqued my interest... A proposed sailing voyage that starts off with a roadtrip around America, living on burgers, and discussions on camera with his dog, beside rivers & truckstops... Fast forward to today, and it's a familiar story of being broke with a busted van, an old boat, and no one to help him out... Floating around a bay in California, looking for a way to survive, and live out a dream of sailing off over the horizon. This is the kind of adventure I can appreciate. His name is Jordan, and he left Oregon last year, to drive around America with his dog, shoot video, think about sailing, and maybe prove to some people (and probably himself), that he'd make an interesting story & an interesting individual to support his ultimate aim of leaving the docklines, on the dock.

"So today I wake up in my broken van out front of Cat Womens house. Nora chases the cats for a while and I get a hot shower. Later we stroll down to moss landing, about a mile from Sally’s. I talk with the Harbor Guys, they’re cool. They have slips available, they don’t run credit checks, and can get me in whenever I’m ready. Now I just have to come up with the slip fees and deposit, much cheaper than Monterey Bay Boat Works. Still lots of money for a guy who just bought a boat, and broke a van..."

He has 180 videos on Youtube from his adventures so far, and I hope he keeps up the video and writing - I'm looking forward to watching the transition from the road to the water... Aboard his Pearson, in Monterey Bay...

And if you're curious about the title of this post, it's an old Twitter update from Jordan - The fact he cares about the library elevator being broken, is because he's paralysed from the waist down. Check out his website here...

See you on the sea sometime Jordan!