What should I do with this blog?

Ok, I have been thinking about this for months. Many, many months... It seems simple... But, to me unfortunately it's not: I don't know what to do with this blog. I'm not going to shut it down - Quite the contrary. I actually have a lot to write. I come across interesting things related to the ocean and sailing nearly everyday, and I'd like to write about what I find and see. I just don't know whether to do it on this blog, and turn it into a daily sailing blog, or whether to leave my infrequent but more personal postings here, and blog daily on general topics elsewhere? What do you think? Should I create an offshoot blog elsewhere to blog daily on, or should I do it here? My internal dialogue says this: Bigoceans.com is the personal website of myself, related to my sailing from the UK to Australia. There is lots of personal content, and videos, photos etc... It's always been a personal blog, and essentially since I am land bound right now, I'd like to write about other things not related to my own personal endeavours.

Plusses for Bigoceans.com: I have a following here. I have quite a few Twitter follows. Lots of people find this site through Google search.

Negatives for Bigoceans.com: Blog becomes too commercial and too broad/general, diluting my own content and site.

Plusses for a fresh blog offshoot: New start, daily content from the beginning, clear intentions.

Negatives for a fresh blog offshoot: Starting from the ground up, neglecting Bigoceans.com, splitting myself across two blogs on a very similar topic.

I need some help! What should I do?