Sailing with Tobias Fahey

Last week I had the great fortune of getting a sail in with Tobias Fahey, aboard his IOOD50 (International Open One Design 50), in Tasmania. This year, Tobias will be attempting to become the fastest Australian to circumnavigate the globe, singlehanded and nonstop around the great capes. The boat he will be sailing was originally built specifically for voyages such as these, designed by Graham Radford and built by infamous Australian adventurer Don Mcintyre ten years ago, as part of planned one-design circumnavigation race which unfortunately didn't happen. Just a few weeks ago I also had the great pleasure of meeting Don in Melbourne, when he visited me at the new co-working space I built with my pal Marty. Don was flying through Melbourne (metaphorically), on a mad trip north to pickup some kind of inflatable flying boat. Don has more energy than anyone I've ever met, and so many great stories, one could just sit there and listen to him recall his life for hours, if not days, without closing an eye. He's an amazing ambassador for encouraging adventure to young Australians, and everyone should take a minute out of their lives to zoom around Google and read up on his various projects and adventures, spanning oceans and frozen continents. Sailing with Tobias was a fun experience, as I've never been aboard a large, highly strung offshore racing boat before, as generally I toy around on small, slow, full keeled boats where 5kts is deemed 'fast'... Tobias is a true waterman, living in a house of his own construction over looking a beautiful bay, where he sails and catches lobster, abalone and fishes for food. A sailor, surfer, diver, and really nice person, Tobias is taking on a huge personal challenge and dream to depart this October, at the young age of just 26. Take a look at his website, send some words of encouragement, and watch his undertaking unfold at

Below are a few photos, and a short sailing vignette as we sailed around Frederick Henry Bay, not far from Hobart.