On willpower

The reason it feels like work to study for a test or solve a puzzle is because, after a certain amount of time, the brain is trying to get you to stop. This is not to say that the brain does not want you to focus, however. Studying and the like are long-term investments. But as we can see from Jim’s example, too much of a long-term investment can be a bad thing. We need to balance long-term investments with short-term gains. Thus, once Bob finds some food, he may be willing to climb that tree again.

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Some Advice

1. Upon awakening, quit your bed at once, like discarding a useless pair of shoes. 2. In the morning, before dressing, light incense and meditate. 3. Eat at regular intervals and only to the point of satisfying hunger. 4. Retire at a regular hour. 5. Receive a guest as when you are alone. Be alone as if you had received a guest. 6. Be aware of what you say. Say only what you would do. 7. Do not forego opportunity, nevertheless, think twice. 8. Do not regret the past but look instead to the future. 9. Have the fearless heart of a hero and the loving heart of a child. 10. When you retire to sleep do so as if it is your last night.

-Soyen Shaku