California Dreaming

Currently SV Harmony, my brother, and I, are launched and sailing San Francisco bay with awesome pals for three weeks. We're here for a sail, to do a bit of work on Harmony, pull the rig down for work, and make copious lists of to-do's in preparation for next year's offshore cruise south!


Saving the last of Gondwana

In the north west corner of Australia's island state, Tasmania, lies the Tarkine. The worlds second largest temperate rain forest. For the past 50 years, conservationists have been waging a battle against successive governments to have the Tarkine turned into a national park and given World Heritage listing, protecting it from destructive logging and mining practices.

The Tarkine: Saving the last of Gondwana from Brent Melton on Vimeo.

Between Home - Download!

Dear all, After several years, and a ton of work, Jack Rath has released the documentary Between Home, a feature length film on the voyage from which this blog grew.

The film is available for purchase as an immediate, DRM-free download, and has been released in this way to reflect the spirit of freedom and independence, much like the voyage itself. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please leave a note or email Jack - This is the result of his hard work.

More information on how to purchase the film is available at the official Between Home website.

Thank you to all who supported this voyage during it's undertaking, and thank you everyone again for supporting independent film and your continuing your interest in the voyage of SV Constellation!


Between Home - Update

In my last post, I mentioned I was unable to attend the screening of Between Home in Berlin... However, just two days before the film was set to screen, my sailor friend Rob (who I met the first day I saw Constellation, and whom also believed in my trip from the very beginning), sent me an email and said 'I cannot believe you're not coming... I'll pay half your ticket!' - Within the hour, a ticket was purchased, and the next day I flew off to Berlin. Picked up at the airport by a festival chauffeur, I arrived just 1.5 hours before the premier started. Watching oneself on the big screen is unexplainable. For a few moments, I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to sit through the entire film, I was so nervous... Thankfully Jack was too, so we consoled each other, watched audience reactions, and laughed at memories the film brought back.

Thank you: Rob for getting me to Berlin, Jack & Regina for hosting me, my friend Ben for traveling up from Austria (and loaning me his coat jacket, so I had at least a minor air of respectability), Vanilla for posing as my producer to get me onto a new flight (after my original one was canceled due to weather), Karen for flying over from the UK, the Achtung Berlin film festival, Angela for her driving, and Marty for holding the fort in my absence.

After spending six days and Berlin, it was time to fly home... Until I realised I'd barely gotten over jet lag... So I decided to take a share car down to Austria, and see how my old friend Ben was living, in the alps... Here is a little clip of our days walking, hanging with his son, and slacklining in the mountains.

For those wondering when the film will be public - Please don't ask me, as I have absolutely no idea! It's Jack's film, so it's probably best to ask him :)

Unlikely Critique - Zizek on the cloud

One person I didn't expect to be critiquing the cloud, is Slovenian cultural theorist, Slavoj Žižek:

"True, cloud computing offers individual users an unprecedented wealth of choice — but is this freedom of choice not sustained by the initial choice of a provider, in respect to which we have less and less freedom? Partisans of openness like to criticise China for its attempt to control internet access — but are we not all becoming involved in something comparable, insofar as our “cloud” functions in a way not dissimilar to the Chinese state?"

This is really important.

And it's one reason why we're fighting the good fight @ Dynomesh - To provide independent cloud computing, which is unhindered by large corporate control and pointy haired men in suits, while staying onshore and agile. #winning.

Read the full article.