Yacht books

I have spent at least 9 hours today on Yachtworld.com, reviewing boats, figuring out realistic budgets, and researching each boat I've found to figure out it's long distance offshore cruising ability. It seems from a price point of view, purchasing in America is the cheapest place in the world. Europe has a few gems, and since I am already here (Germany) maybe it is the easiest. I have also found numerous books on the subject, and hope to find second hand copies:

These books really made me feel like not everything is impossible. Sailing and yachts in general have an aura of expensive lifestyles behind them. I think it is just a fallacy by movie producers and watch makers. I think, chances are 90% of the worlds yachts are probably owned by normal people... While on the topic of books, I cannot forget to mention Jesse Martin who captured everbody's heart with his solo circumnavigation. I read this book five years ago. Thanks Jesse!

I need a book sponsor.