Which one?

After another few days of research, pestering newsgroups, individuals, yacht salesman and the like, I have come up with a list of potential yachts which could probably do the job (note this is not a difinitive list...): S&S 32 (Jesse's boat) Island Packet 27 Orion 27 Sabre 28 Vancouver 27 Catalina 27 Contessa 26 Achilles 24 Cal 24

A number of the above boats have done proven circumnavigations. The Catalina is mildly lightweight, the Achilles and Cal maybe a tad small, the others bar the Contessa far too expensive. So the Contessa 26: It has survived a number of public circumnavigations by Brian Caldwell and Tania Aebi. A current expedition is underway by two Norwiegens in their boat BIKA. In my limited knowledge, this seems like the sure winner. More research, prices to be found, gel-coats to price. The list is limitless.