I didn't think things would move very quickly on this. My silly proposal in the previous post actually worked!

Dear Nick

Well, the owner hasn't dismissed your proposal out of hand because he is a romantic and likes the idea of Red Admiral going to NZ. His sticking point is a total price of ?Ǭ£7.5k, even if this takes you a little longer to pay off.

Let us also discuss Yard terms, although I expect you know most of this from the website. Summer storage ashore Aug-Oct is ?Ǭ£15 per foot (?Ǭ£390) and winter storage Nov-April is ?Ǭ£36 per foot (?Ǭ£936). I cannot do a shorter period of winter storage, because I have a small yard and I must maximise the revenue from every space in the winter to survive. If you were on a mooring during the winter, this is much more economical but probably not very practical from a fitting out point of view.

Lift and launch to mooring is ?Ǭ£5 per foot. Lowering and re-stepping the mast is ?Ǭ£3.50 per foot of boat each way or ?Ǭ£5 for both ways if done on the same day. There are no charges for dinghy/outboard storage (although this is not possible when the boat is ashore), car parking, use of facilities, water or electricity (unless you require a permanent electrical connection in order to run a de-humidifier/heater, for instance).

Working on your boat is possible at any time (power points all round yard), provided you are sensitive to other customers and boat owners, and to my family who live on site. Staying on board for extended periods is not possible but for 2 or 3 nights every so often is OK - there are local B&Bs in winter months.

Are you expecting to pursue without a survey? There are local surveyors and the cost might be c?Ǭ£300.

I hope this helps.

Regards Steve