I obviously had a bit of a think about the issue of money before embarking on this whole thing, but it is really starting to take shape, now that I almost own a boat. While I am able to generate enough cash to pay this thing off (well, not really...), assuming I live off of cans of tuna and pasta, it is everything else that is going to kill me. Within my Stuff I Need section I have what looks like a few things, but I have other greater concerns to do with the boat also, such as rigging it properly, having the sails serviced, and I will more than likely need the hull re-gel coated, running at about ?Ǭ£130/foot. Yes, do the math ... 26 x ?Ǭ£130 = ?Ǭ£3380. I will try to do the work I can where possible, but obviously professionals need to do the majority of it.

I have contacted and received positive responses from three companies

I managed to beg fairly well for a boat I think, so now it's time to start showing people I'm serious about this, and ask for further support.

As for individual donations, I am trying to think of a good way I can help out people who can 'tip' me. One that has come to mind, is donations over a certain amount have their name or other text as a vinyl sticker along the hull of the boat. I will think more about this and update later.