I'm Sorry...

So it was time to call up my very lovely, utterly patient & longtime girlfriend (5+ years!) Celeste and tell her, not only did I trot off to Germany on a mad cap adventure without her, I am now sailing home. Without her.

She puts up with 99% of my crap, and even earnestly listens to most of it. So when I called her up exclaiming "hey babe, yeah, well... errm you know how I've crewed on a yacht a bit... and well, I managed to convince this guy to sell me his boat under strenuous terms, and yes, well, I'm going to sail home, uh huh, Britain, Americas, New Zealand, Australia... ... Silence."

The thing is, and I mean, how the heck are you supposed to respond to that? It's such a bizarre thing to do and say... That you wish to risk life and limb to sail a tiny boat home, and not see the person for... Oh I don't know, a very long time? I feel stupid and selfish right at the minute, we'll see how things progress.