Pre-warning for people who don't give a damn about technology. I don't want this to become a geeklog, so maybe this will need to be moved into another section. However, I think the technology for this venture is quite important, in particular to keep this website live, and the data flowing. As is quite obvious, I'm blogging. There is nothing particularly special about this, however it is with the addition of third party services and the like which are plugging into this that is more pertinent. It is also important because you the reader are important for me, and for this whole idea. I don't have a 'technology' partner so to speak. When I do a Google maps mashup to give you my current location, I sat down and wrote it. So while this isn't the Volvo Ocean race, I would like it to appear so. In fact, I would like to take it further, because this boat being loaded with technology is, as I said, important.

Keeping in mind I will have limited bandwidth, and limited time 'online' while I am in the middle of nowhere, I need to utilise what I have. Statistical data is nerdy, so the technology here needs to have a human aspect to it in my opinion. Knowing my heading, speed and current location is interesting, but I would like to have more than that, and to have it current. As I've said in my How & Why section, I see this as a 'rich book'. And as such it needs to transcend mere textuality. The point of technology is to simulate a portion of reality. The reality in this case is an insane adventure, but the problem is, I'm the only one 'doing it'. I want everyone else to 'do it' too. So it is really about conveying experience as best as I can, via the mediums I am empowered with.

Today, I am empowered with many. How I use them is the next step, and I would really love any ideas to step this forward. As you can see I have 'live' tracking to begin with, as well as remote posting. What else is possible?