Red tape

The more I read about the nitty gritty of things, the more I want to shoot myself in the foot. Marty kindly suggested I aim higher :) He was a bit more helpful on noting that boat registration wasn't too hard, and that I didn't need to register in Liberia, where he suggested previously.

ie. Registering a yacht

Or the joys of Carrying documents to sail internationally

I have such an exceptional amount to learn, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm going to need to hire a crack team of researchers...

I have been trying to stop my nail biting habit, by wearing a rubber band around my wrist, so that any time I start munching on my digits, I stretch out the band and give myself thwack on the wrist. Well, all this isn't helping! I have a big red mark now.

In other news not particuarly related to sailing, the European heatwave is killing me. I haven't experienced anything as consistantly hot as I have here, in Berlin of all places, where it is expected to get down to -10c in winter. Respite is on it's way, the 10 day weather forecast predicts a wave of thunderstorms. I will have to epoxy up the hole in my left shoe.

So I think I really just need to calm down, and deal with all this piece by piece, and make a list of stuff I need to achieve in the limited time I have. My next post will be a brief timeline of future events.