While I am on a self-imposed book ban, I couldn't help but purchase the infamous Joshua Slocum book 'Sailing Alone Around The World' - The first man to circumnavigate the world singlehandedly. I also excitedly bid on a book from eBay, only to find the seller had a whole stack he wanted to get rid, including:

  • "Ocean Cruising on a Budget" by Anne Hammick.
  • "Day Skipper" (including pilotage and navigation) 2nd edition revised, by Pat Langley-Price & Philip Ouvry.
  • "Handling Troubles Afloat" by John Mellor.
  • "The Ship Captain's Medical Guide" 22nd edition.
  • "The Super Yacht ports & marinas guide 1994".
  • "Coastal Navigation" by Gerry Smith 3rd edition.
  • "Atlantic Spain & Portugal" RCC Pilotage Foundation, El Ferrol to the Strait of Gibralter.

Among the lot are some charts for the British southern waters. There are also other odds and ends in the box, with a total of 20 books. I thought it was a steal at ?Ǭ£40. I talked to the local bookstore (the only English bookstore on my side of town) and the owner was picking up other books nearby, and graciously picked the lot up from Bath UK and is bringing them back to Berlin next week.

In other news, my fridge has broken, and with me being the 1Euro a day man, living on bread and pasta, I refuse to get it fixed. For some reason the freezer section works perfectly, it's just the main compartment which is broken. So I've moved everything into the freezer, and have become the 'Human Thermostat'. I've worked it so I turn it on in the morning for an hour, and again in the afternoon. I've forgotten a few times, with the butter and milk freezing. Thankfully my new pickled Herring interest is still maintainable because ... Saltwater doesn't freeze.

I have organised to go see the boat in the next week or two, which coincides with a friends birthday in London, and work commitments.

Tchuss, Nick.