Global Positioning

I need to get a camera capable of doing Geocoding. Heres why:

Geocoding is 'tagging' a digital image with GPS coordinates at the time of shooting. Can you imagine, if I shot profusely, all the way from Britain to Australia with a geotagging camera? Lets say we then load those images into Google Earth, you could almost literally be there along with me.

Physical space has become so abstracted now, mere imagery is pass?ɬ©: Today we need to know an images location in space and time. This locality data is another addition to the images 'context' - It becomes more than merely mnenomic data, it gets closer to real experience, which as I've stated before, is really important to me - sharing the whole thing with the world via the web. I mean, not only can you place every image spatially, it can be placed in context with other images nearby to give even greater context.

I really see this as being a new form of book: Instead of a flat piece of paper with expressive terms, it becomes a multidimensional repository of data for 3rd party experience. What this really equates to, is that you no longer necessarily have to have the authors expressiveness manipulate you like a standard book. You are given the raw data and the tools to create something within your own imagination. Obviously it is not entirely democratic, because what I choose to provide as data is up to me, but it is certainly getting close.

I love the possibility of this so much, it's going to be a really exciting addition to my arsenal of tools for bringing 'deep' data to the site.

Now, to get my hands on a Nikon D200... Or take a look at Mappr for examples.