Massive site overhaul

As you have hopefully noticed, this site looks stunning. A huge thanks to the PR and design teams at MASSIVE in Sydney for sponsoring me with a complete site re-design!

I emailed the PR team at MASSIVE a month or so ago, asking if there was any chance of having them overhaul my crude site design. I was incredibly suprised when I received a positive reply and offer, considering they are such a large and renowned firm; I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t think they would have time for my cause. I sent off some dreamy specifications and a list of other sites I liked, and soon after the design team sent back a fresh look. Thank you so much!

I’d also like to give credit to Jo Mooring Aldridge from the association, for the use of the yacht image in the site design. I believe the boat is being helmed by Jeremy Rogers himself, the designer and builder of the Contessa 26 class.

(If people could send through any site issues they have, or if things are not displaying properly, I’d be most appreciative. My testing department have gone on holiday, leaving me all alone, as usual.)

Thanks again MASSIVE!