Cruising versus Sailing / Help.

I think I have started a terrible habit of only posting when I have news, or if something bad has happened. Or maybe that’s a good thing? I should insist on proving there is absolutely no glamour in all this, writing everyday about how I spilt my coffee, the cost of coal, my diminishing eyesight or the state of my still-broken fridge!

Work issues abound, but I don’t think there is the risk of losing the boat this time. The boatyard has given me some leeway on the payment timeframe, which I’m exceptionally thankful for.

So in light of the fact I have some free time now, after working near-on seven days a week for the past month, I have been thinking about my boating requirements. It’s starting to dawn on me (and anyone who owns boats or has done something similar will probably scoff at my realisation) that I am going to have to pair-down my requirements and expectations, and start thinking like a very poor sailor instead of a reasonably well off world cruiser taking a year off from their CEO position. I am the former with the attitude of the latter. From now on, I am only going to concentrate my energy on figuring out the absolute bare minimum requirements for my trip, and drop my pie-in-the-sky fantasies, unless I come across some serious money. I will be amending my Stuff I Need section soon.

For example, instead of spending ?Ǭ£1300 on 14 days of certification courses, I should probably start organising myself onto some yacht deliveries beginning in Feb, and learn ‘for free’ so to speak, and buy that windvane I need. I have already had a couple of people say ‘when you get Constellation in the water, I’ll come by and show you the ropes’ which is an invaluable opportunity. Are there people out there who can spend some time workshopping me? Or have a boat and can take me out on it and drum some experience into me? What about people who can help with navigation? Maybe there is someone who can spend some time running through theory and charts with me? I don’t know, what do you think?

It seems the more experienced people I can be around, and the more time I can spend on the water, the better. By December 31st Constellation will be paid for, and I am hoping to mix work and sailing from Feb onwards.

That all being said, maybe there is something I can do for you in exchange for help? If you have any ideas, hit me.

Till the next drama or appliance breakdown, nick