Help fund my training with*

(*$330USD Pledged as of 29/11/06)

Attempting to garner sponsorship is big business. The number one query I receive from Google is ‘Sponsorship Letters’, because I have written a post or two on my attempts. Quietly I write around three letters a week, to varying degrees of success. I have already tried one slightly different way of aquiring a new set of sails with my online auction, which may not have been instantly successful, yet still has a chance of resulting in something.

I had previously mentioned I was considering not spending money on certifications, and hoped to learn on other peoples boats. However I have changed tack and believe it would be in my best interests to start with the Day Skipper. It is the surest way to compact a lot of technical information into a relatively short amount of time (9 days), and have a good base to work from with further mile building achieved via crewing afterwards.

So, in order to do that, my next public attempt at fundraising is to pool together $1500USD to fund my Day Skipper certification in February 2007.

Heres how it works: Using, donators make a minimum pledge of $30USD. Should the $1500 be raised within 25 days of the first pledge, the pledged amount will be extracted from your account and passed onto me, to complete the certification. If the funds are not raised, then there is no loss to anyone, and I go back to the drawing board - You simply pledge an amount should the $1500 be raised. Every sponsor will have their name/company name placed in the sponsors section, which I will hotlink if you maintain a site on the web. The first pledge I receive starts the 25 day countdown!

So, if helping me become Day Skipper certified tickles your fancy… Or if you just want to insure I don’t fall overboard or accidently sail north, please consider donating via my Fundable page located here.

Thanks so much!