Presents, Boat Ownership, TV Commercials. I like!

(I’m still attempting to garner pledges for my certifications: 12 Days remaining, $330USD pledged so far! More information at my page or here.)

Just ahead of schedule, after five months of freaking out and various setbacks, the day has come that Constellation is paid for!

This was incredible news after having yet another not-so-great month. However, I was saved a few times by some incredible luck… The day I was informed I would miss another payment (my employer called the boatyard and explained it was them, not me, and I was given a months grace) due to cash flow issues (contracting sucks), a phone call lined up two weeks of full time work, starting immediately. Incredible! This didn’t solve immediate cash problems, but it was a step in the right direction.

So, down to my last few Euros in change, friends donated (thanks Daniel!) & loaned me (thanks Bobby!) some money at the last moment. Only this time, I couldn’t access it because my ATM card had expired! I have a little collection of bottles sitting next to the fridge for a rainy day, and due to Germany’s recycling laws, they can be exchanged for money. So I traded bottles for food, and then another weird set of circumstances landed me some instant money: I was cast in an Audi TV commercial. In front of a greenscreen, I nervously said “Hi, I’m from Sydney. Audi is the sportiest brand downunder!”. The worst part of course, was that I had been scripted to say I was from Sydney! Melbournians: Trust me, I did try to wrangle Melbourne into my cameo, but the Germans didn’t think I was very amusing in my attempts. Anyway, so I made a little money on the spot, which funded my self-gratulatory drinks this weekend as a newly adorned boat owner.

I feel like quite the charlatan, between pimping Audis and dabbling in yachting, but I assure you I’m not like that… My boat is worth about as much as a family station wagon, and I only sold my soul to Audi so I could eat pasta sauce, instead of using vegetable oil make it go down. Excuses excuses, I know.

The past month has also brought my two very kind presents from strangers. Special thanks to Tudor for the chart of the English channel - I now have enough paper-based directions to make it from England to Gibraltar! I also received ‘66 Days Adrift’ from RisingSlowly. As I picked it up from the post office, I saw a friend on the way home. He couldn’t stop laughing when he saw the title of the book - His words were ‘Man, I think this is a hint!’. Hah! Lets hope not. Thanks so much to the both of you; lovely gestures.

Well, the boat may be paid for, but I guestimate I’ll need the value of the boat again in cash to get this idea afloat, so back to work I go.