In London en route to ?

(I’m still attempting to garner pledges for my certifications: 5 Days remaining, $330USD pledged so far! More information at my page or here.) (Don’t worry, I’ll soon stop pasting this in my posts!)

Firstly, thank you Nathan for the christmas present, very kind and generous :)

This week has found me in Scotland and London on work… I still don’t know what to do for christmas, but to stop my burgeoning indecisiveness on whether to go back to Berlin, take a random ?Ǭ£5 flight to anywhere in Europe, or stay on the boat. At this stage I think I’ll stay on the boat for christmas, in anticipation of being there at the same time next year… Albeit in water. I’ll ready the decorations.

So, if anyone from the UK is nearby, do come say hello! I’ve had a few people say they’d come out for a drink next time I was over, and I apologise for A) the short notice, and B) the time of year… Yet 2006 has been my most chaotic period, and it appears it will continue as such for quite some time to come!

I will be on email till Monday morning, but once down at the boatyard, it is a lengthy walk to the top of a residential hill, where I ‘borrow’ somebody elses wireless internet connection for email, so I could be a little inconsistant on checking. My mobile number is +49 304 9784389.

If I don’t post again before the 25th, merry christmas to you all!