Mainsail, Ads & The New Year

(Help: If anyone from the UK knows what I need to do with this ‘bill of sale‘ could they contact me. Apparently I need to send it off? I also need to work out how to get an SSR number… Thanks!)

Well, 2006… What a year. I moved to a foreign language speaking country, visited Holland, Denmark, England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway and bought a boat. I attribute this to 99% luck and 1% perseverance; how lucky I am to be so fortunate. I know a lot of people have had ‘questionable’ 06’s, so I think ‘07 is the year destined to be a playing out of the hard work done in the year prior. We can only hope.

I succesfully travelled back with the mainsail, strapped to my backpack so it became considered ‘one item of luggage’. The check-in girl looked at it suspiciously, but waved the ‘pack’ through since it was under the weight limit. As we speak I’m emailing broken German back and forth to a Polish sailmaker just over the border, attempting to work out what I need as well as the costs involved. My existing sail I believe looks quite good - As everyone knows, I’m no expert on these things, but a little common-sense reasoning leads me to believe it’s in good condition.

In other news I have put a few ads around the site, in addition to my search attempts… I hope this doesn’t put people off. I’m just selling out for a buck, no doubt about it. I hardly spin wads of cash on it, but a few dollars here and there might just buy me a wind speed instrument over the course of this blog. You never know…

Fingers crossed for 2007.