Aron across the Atlantic, Lovely BIKA, Prep-Lists!

If I’m not mistaken, Aron Meder (whom I mentioned earlier) has made it across the Atlantic! I look forward to hearing about how he fared - His website is here and his logs appear to be getting updated here.

Henrik and Nina of BIKA fame took some time out to write me a ‘best wishes’ email, which was very kind. In their words “…We left Norway in our Co26 BIKA May 2005, and love our boat, this lifestyle and way of travelling.” I can’t wait to reciprocate their feelings! Thanks team BIKA!

In news related to my small project, I finally got around to putting some proper effort into getting together a task list for myself and the boat. It’s still being worked on, but you get the gist. I have received a few quotes for my new mainsail, and all I can say is: They aren’t cheap! Fabric-wise I have been looking at the German made Contender High Aspect sailcloth… It’s all a mystery to me.