Day Skipper in February, DO OR DIE

Ok, so that’s a little bit dramatic, I admit. If I die because I don’t get to do my Day Skipper, then I’ll never get to go on the trip, and this blog will become redundant. Sometimes this blog is the only thing that keeps me going (boohoo). But enough of the melancholy attitude already.

When it comes to receiving email, I sometimes get really wonderful letters out of the blue. And when I say it ‘warms the cockles of my heart’, I actually mean it (as opposed to saying it out loud, just to hear my best Irish accent). Today was no exception, with a encouraging letter and blog post from Jane - Thank you!

I made a commitment to do my Day Skipper certificate in February, and as you may or may not know, I attempted to raise $1500USD to pay for it two months ago. This scheme raised 25% of the funds, however part of the deal was, pledges would only come through if the entire amount was raised.

That being said, I will still do that damn course in Feb as promised, even if I have to start baking cookies to sell at the Brandenburg Gate. I’m a terrible cook, so failing that I’ll be selling the contents of my house - Keep your eyes peeled on eBay for bargains on computers, used tea-towels and origami cranes.

All jokes aside, I’ve found somewhere cheaper to do my course, and I need to come up with ?Ǭ£500 in exactly one month. You may be wondering how I managed to pay for the boat, yet now can’t even get ?Ǭ£500 together: Well, I spent six months neglecting Visa and personal loan payments, that’s how. I came very close to spending the next 7 years in BCH (bad credit hell).

So, if you need any software or websites built, cars cleaned, or socks knitted in pearl stitch, I’m your man: For ?Ǭ£500 I can do anything, and I’m being serious. Alternatively if you have any better ideas than me on the topic of coaxing money out of stone, I need you to jump up and down, but with your hands firmly on the keyboard and write me an email.

Time to start my baking lessons,