Quick Update - England at the end of the month

No updates, lots of work and little money! Wonderful!

A good friend is flying over from Melbourne at the end of the month, and being handy with engines, I’ve coaxed him into a trip to see Constellation. I hear she may have a little water in her again (but not much, I did put the cover on this time) and any excuse is a good excuse.

I have Nigel Calders book on order at the local English bookstore, so we’re going to see if we can start the engine. Local health and safety rules say it’s not permitted to run an engine on the stand, but who’s going to know on a Sunday afternoon? Other things to do include finding and installing secondhand Stanchion bases, climbing the mast to fix the VHF antenna, and sorting out the other million things still required before the July launch. So, if you are near Burseldon, between the 29th and 2nd of April, come say hello!

Other potentially exciting things are in the pipeline, including a possible chat to a local sailing paper, and maybe another project involving video cameras. More news when it happens!

Happy Birthday Einstein!