Boatyard officially NOT HAPPY. People want to buy my boat.

Every month I receive an invoice for the hard standing on Constellation. Last year it was impossible to pay, and this year it hasn’t been too easy to do either. So the bills kept piling up, and finally a bill came today, that came in an envelope with RED letters on it, instead of BLUE letters. I knew right away what it was going to be about.

So, what can I say, I owe them quite a few pounds… I hope to have at least 500 pounds of it sorted out when I fly over on the 29th of March, but the rest will have to wait. It’s all kind of amusing, considering I’m supposed to be launching in July.

Oh, did I say amusing? I didn’t mean it.

Thankfully my financial woes may be over though, having received this gracious letter today:

Dear Sir,

With regards,My names are Mr.Mohamed .P.Conteh.The managing director of ALUMED INTERNATIONAL.

I will like you to know if you have used fishing boat for sale and how much is the unit price.

I look forward to establishing a long term business relationship with your


Managing Director,Alumed International.
Freetown, Sierra Leone.

So it got me thinking. If I get this diesel running, maybe Constellation could be sold as a fishing boat? We could ditch that pesky sail business, or maybe modify it into a crane. Heck, now that we’re being creative, why not keep the boat and do the fishing myself? What else am I going to do on those lonely nights across the Atlantic?

So, I’ve been writing more sponsorship letters and working a lot… Good things are happening though, maybe not regarding finances yet (you’re crossing your fingers for me too, right?) but things are slowly moving forward.

I am going to endeavour to update this blog a bit more, I’ve been pretty bad lately.


P.S The unit price is ONE BILLION U.S DOLLARS in Kruger Rands, Mr.Mohamed .P.Conteh (or anyone else who is wondering how much my boat is worth)