Lost the website, fixing up Constellation this weekend!

The data center where my website is hosted crashed over the weekend, meaning I had to revert to an October 2006 backup. I managed to retrieve most of the content from Google cache, but alas maybe things are still probably missing... In other news I will be down to see Constellation this weekend, from the 29th of March till the 2nd of April. I have next to no money after getting my 'account overdue' notice last week, so the dreams of fixing a lot of things are dashed by the fact I can't buy the battery charger and engine parts I need, as well as stanchions, lines and some other pieces I had planned. There are plenty tasks which require little money, so I guess I'll be tackling those.

I always say I have exciting news to mention, and I never do - But, as soon as I can get a confirmation that I'm allowed to announce it, I promise I'll I'll speak up! My news doesn't solve all the problems I have, but it does solve a fairly significant portion of them. I think...

If you are near Southampton, email me for directions and come say hi!