Site Review & Brainstorming Session, Ready to tackle the Diesel

Over the last couple of weeks the team at have been brainstorming on my behalf, thinking collectively on how best to utilise the web for my trip, as well as technical help on improving search ranking - Take a read of the full article on their site. They've all put in enormous effort, and come up with some really smart ideas. It has been a great experience to see people envisioning such potential in my project in regards to the web, because it's been hard for me trying to get across what I want to do with this whole thing. My trip isn't just about trying to sail around the world with a small amount of money in 12months, it's a lot more, and when Loren from SEJ says:

We believe Nick is partaking on a brave and unique adventure, one that will set standards for social media adventure and social pioneering.

I get dizzy with ideas and excitement, because time is of the essence right now, and I have a lot to do in order to squeeze all the potential out of what I'm doing. So over the next couple of months I'll be ramping up some of the ideas that have been brewing, and also begin implementing what I can of the suggestions from SEJ.

When I lost my site last week, I had to recover a lot of it from Google. I came across a page I had since deleted called 'How & Why' - I felt it was a bit romantic and washy and deleted it some months ago, however I've left it back on the site this time around, because it has reminded me what my very original intentions were. I've been so swayed over finances and the pressures of 'survival sickness' lately that a lot of thoughts have been pushed out of the way. I guess what I'm saying is, the SEJ folks brought a lot of ideas to the table, and those sparks lit up my mind again. The aspect of raising money for environmental causes has also been swung aside, so in the next month or so I'll be launching a project I began last November on what I believe to be a really interesting way of raising funds. Thank you to Ahmed Bilal, Bill Slawski, Carsten Cumbrowski, Gemme van Hasselt, Jessica Bowman, Loren Baker and Rhea Drysdale!

Non-webby news includes a possible article by - A German sailing magazine. Nothing at all is definite, but there are signs of interest, so fingers crossed.

My book arrived today about Diesel engines, so it's now time to have a look at what I've got myself into! Tomorrow early in the morning I'm meeting Tudor at the Duke of York to pickup some sailing theory manuals and an anchor - Oh yes jokes abound: 'A man walks into a pub with an anchor and... ' Add a comment if you can make up the rest of the joke!

Back on the 2nd of April -